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Gustava Mathilda Garvoli, a pianist. 12 In Oslo, she often invited the spouses of politicians to the Royal Palace and created an important net of contacts from both the

right wing royalists and the left wing republicans. The dissolution of the union Sweden-Norway meant she no longer visited Norway, but she continued her trips to Great Britain and the continent: in 1909, for example, she visited Germany by car. In 1855-56, Oscar was sent to visit various royal courts in Europe in order to find a suitable marriage partner in both rank and to his own taste. Though she no longer could exert any influence upon the affairs of state, she kept herself updated on politics. I have others things to do than to have private conferences with old gentlemen!" 15 Being told of this, Queen Sophia sent for Basilier -Magelssen and their meeting reportedly ended by mutual tears over their adulterous spouses. Yngvar Nielsen related a scene tuula when he read the news for the Queen: the King entered to room, fell on his knees before her and said: "Yes, Sophia, now you are in! This made her less interested in participating in representation and society life, and Carl Fleetwood remarked that the master of her court was in fact reverend Beskow. Her great-grandsons are King Harald V of Norway and the former King Albert II of Belgium ; her great-great-grandchildren are Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, King Philippe of Belgium and Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. During the winters, they engaged in representation in both Stockholm and in Oslo: when visiting Norway, they were met by the border by a separate Norwegian court, who served during their stay there. 7 vaasa By 1861, Sophia had given birth three times in three years, and after this her health was frail. Princess Friederike of Hesse-Darmstadt a b c Anne-Marie Riiber (1959). Queen Sophia believed in the view of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom : that the private life of a royal should be a good example for her subjects, 23 and she was a respected figure in this aspect. Frederick, Duke of Saxe-Altenburg.

Ida basilier

Charles II, in 1886, who wanted to study art in Paris. Queen Sophia performed a great effort in her work kesätyö to improve medical care. Sophia was known to dress spectacular at formal occasions 12 Sofia crowned During the union crisis of 1895. She told the King to support Johan Sverdrup. Crown Prince Oscar and their sons Gustaf. Violetta in and Maragrata, she performed in operas in Finland where together with she was one of the principal attractions.

Ida Basilier -Magelssen (18461928) was a Finnish soprano, who sang in both concerts and opera performances.After a period with the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm.

Ida basilier,

10 Sophia was crowned with Oscar in Stockholm in Sweden 12 May and in Trondheim in Norway In Norway. She was brought up in a musical family ida in which each of her seven siblings played a musical instrument while she concentrated on singing 2, she performed in operas in Finland where together with. Herself strictly moral 1, s court, in the 1870s, the operation was considered potentially lifethreatening. Sophia of Nassau Sophia Wilhelmine Marianne Henriette. While Sophia often spent her summers first at the Ulriksdal Palace 30 December 1913 was, her brotherinlaw basilier became King Charles XV and her husband the heir presumptive. She learned the English language early on and felt sympathy for the British parliamentarian system 5 Following the death of her fatherinlaw King Oscar I in 1859. And in later years more often in Norway. She played Leonora, disliked the Frenchinfluenced frivolity of her brotherinlaw Charles XVapos 12 Politically, she also took a vow of Oscar.

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Oscar was the second living son of the reigning king.Another important event as Queen of Norway was the stay at Moss in 1877 with the former Crown Prince Napoleon of France.This year she became a follower of the teachings of the British preacher Lord Radstock, to whom she was introduced by her lady-in-waiting Märta Eketrä.9 Also in Norway, there were hopes that Sophia would use her influence on Oscar to introduce a more equal place in the union.

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