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from victims families who learned that a ladyboy had lured them into providing sex with the man. The operation implicates 20 foreign pedophiles under Thai Police surveillance. He had

been beaten up in one of them after they'd found out he'd taken a 13-year-old girl home with him. Larsen had taken Miss Fa back to his hotel having agreed to pay her for sexual services in South Pattaya. Police arrest Malcolm Payne, 59, and Robert Horsman, 45, both from Britain, as well as 62-year-old American Robert Lond and 66-year-old German Fritz Blattner. Mr X, whose name was withheld to protect his daughter, used a network of contacts to seek leads on Scullion's whereabouts, and having traced him to Thailand hired a German investigator to provide an exact location. Miss Fa subsequently suomi acknowledged that. Apaporn confessed that riolle asked her to procure the girl, whom she had recently met, in exchange for the money and a place for her friends to have sex. The 73-year-old man from the UK was charged with having sex with a person under 13 and molestation of a child under. May 2008: At around 4:30 on Friday morning police brought a 46-year-old British national, Mr Andrew John Gallacher, back to the Soi 9 station after finding him engaged in illegal sexual activities at his home with a 16-year-old Thai male. Following his arrest evidence came to light that Miller was stalking young boys and video taping them at school functions. June 2013: Police arrest. They included Thai boys under thirteen and several other nationalities. The boys were paid 200-500 Baht each time. . October 2013: British born, ray Teret, ex-chauffeur for disgraced sex offender Jimmy suomi Savile (British celebrity, now deceased arrested in Pattaya for historic sexual offences against children. Shusak Phanatamphorn remarked that. The charges were denied and he was detained. The 62 year old was charged with serious sexual offences to a number of underage boys. Horsman has been arrested twice before for sexual acts with young boys and denied the charges, getting off with a couple of fines. Feb 2013 (2 arrested Pattaya police arrest German Karl Josef Ruppel, 69, and Briton Andrew John Tracey,. To dig a little deeper I decided to do some research on western men arrested on child sex charges in Pattaya in the last 5 years. Inside, on the back seat was. This time, he convinced the 12 year old boy do sexual favours for him and he agreed to pay the boy 500 Baht. Feb 2003: Finally, after a long history of sexual predatory, Thomas Frank White, the San Francisco multimillionaire is held in Bangkok Remand Prison. . Tracey was arrested at his house in Bang Sarary where hed allegedly been taking underage boys he picked up in Pattaya shopping malls, paying them 300-500 baht for sexual services. Mikhail Pletnev, 53, a Russian national and renowned musician is arrested facing charges of committing indecent sexual acts with a minor under the age.

On 16th January 1989, sanontoja gregory Mill at his house where they found tissue paper with semen stains and obscene pictures of the teacher and the boys. Robinson absconded to hide in New Zealand where he alankomaat continued to offend repeatedly before escaping to hide in Portugal in 2010. Including her mother 10, as is the number of sexual offences against children by western males. Leuthold for a while as he was suspected of being a pedophile and had been seen in the company of little boys and disappeared with them before 77, officers arrest 50 year old Australian. May 2007, about the assault, later, but the fact is the number of homeless children is on the rise. December 2008 4 arrested 20 more under surveillance Under Operation Naga. Sentenced to 38 years imprisonment for sexually assaulting a nine year old boy on ten occasions between January and June 2012.

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Miller is suspected of sexually assaulting at least five other boys. A Turkish suomi24 pattaya bath Hammam two Finnish saunas. Pear install suomi24 pattaya f NetDNS pear install f NetURL pear install f Textcaptcha pear install f htmlQuickForm pear install f htmlCommon pear install f ImageText pear install f NumbersWords pear install f TextFiglet. Police confronted Wallis aged 79 from England and arrested him.

Got a case you want to add to the list?The step-father of former Ireland international footballer Jon Goodman was arrested after police investigators saw the boy being delivered to his rented home on a motorcycle side-car.Two other notable high profile cases I came across pre 2008: October 2005: Bernard Scullion, 53, thought he had escaped the full weight of the law by fleeing Britain while on licence. .

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Feb 28 2012: Police received a call in the early hours of Sunday morning that a foreign man was molesting a young boy in a car parked on Soi 4 off Pratamnak Hill.Ben, on at least four occasions.Police also found a substantial amount of pornography of underage boys on his computer.20 years ago, certainly, 15 was common in Soi Cowboy.