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Lübeck Travemünde Skandinavienkai Terminal by local train and bus. . Courtesy of Radoslav Sharapanov (6) Stockholm to Turku by cruise ferry train to Helsinki. Back to top The

European Rail Timetable (formerly the Thomas Cook European Timetable) has train ferry times for every country in Europe plus currency climate information. . It should also cover loss of cash belongings (up to a limit and trip cancellation. . (5) Copenhagen to Stockholm by X2000. Take the metro from Vuosaari into station central Helsinki, journey time 25 minutes. ICE3 2nd class seats. Follow: How to travel by train from. Alternatively, spend day 3 exploring Stockholm and sail overnight to Helsinki. . Note the children's play area!.or Stockholm to Helsinki by direct overnight cruise ferry. This replaced the old E111 forms as from January 2006. Back to 'Rail travel to Europe' general page Back to home page). Both Viking Line and Silja offer luxurious overnight cruise ferries from Stockholm direct to Helsinki - I'd suggest Silja,. . It is essential for regular European train travellers and an inspiration for armchair travellers. . The fare including a bed in a 3-bed shared inside cabin is between 200 and 287 each way. . The Silja terminal is about.5km from Stockholm city centre, 500m from Gärdet metro station. .

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Fares tickets, new Zealand, again, if you live in Australia, london Helsinki Spend the night in a hotel in Hamburg. Private rooms with en suite shower toilet koiranpentu in the otel near Hamburg Hauptbahnhof start at around 33 for one person or 49 for two people booked. Two ferry companies athens compete on this route.

News archive of, helsinki, airport, regional airports in Finland and Finavia Corp.Pimp my ride: 4 facts about the new escalators.

55, this route is shown on the route map above in red between qruiser m London Hamburg and in dark blue between Hamburg Helsinki. More information A CopenhagenStockholm X2000 train boarding at Copenhagen main station. Carry a spare credit card, back to top How to check train times buy tickets for Finland. First book Hamburg to Copenhagen using and print your own ticket.

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It doesn't remove the need for travel insurance, though.ICE3 from Brussels to Frankfurt, seen at Frankfurt.Prices vary like air fares, so book as far ahead as you can and shop around for the cheapest departure.1st class (Standard Premier or Business Premier) (2)  Brussels to Cologne by ICE3.